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When you are in the beginning phases of creating your Business, you are in the "START-UP" phase. 

The best thing about Starting Up, is that it's really not that hard and in most states, very affordable.


In 5 days or less, we will help you start your business.


If you prefer a consultation where you implement the steps, we can assist with that as well.


Here are the initial steps to Start Your Business:

  • EIN/Tax ID Number/DUNS Number​

  • Establish Business License/LLC/Corporation

  • Establish Business Bank Account

  • Establish Merchant Services Account

  • Create Business Process/Put System in Place

  • Secure Business Liability or E&O Insurance

  • Secure Funding (Grants and or Loans)

  • Implement a Marketing Plan to Reach Customers

  • Certify your Business with your City, the County, the State, and Federally

  • Build Business Credit | Secure Grants and/or Loans


Need Help? More questions? 

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