Consulting Services

Let's get the idea or concept on paper; develop it, complete action items and deliverables; and then turn it into a capital building, revenue generating-marketable brand and business!

-EIN/Tax ID Number/DUNS Number

-Establish Business License/LLC/Corporation

-Establish Business Bank Account


-Establish Merchant Services Account


-Funding/Capital/Biz Loan Options


-Secure Business Liability or E&O Insurance

When you choose the START-UP option, you hire us to complete all of the bullet points below along with a Plan of Action that details your daily operation process. All we need are 30 days or less!

-Social Media Plan of Action


-Establish Accounts w/popular SM Platforms 


-Concept/Content Development (30 days)


-Grow Followers/Fans/Likes

-Create "Auto-Pilot" System to Manage SM content 

Business Social Media is a tad bit different then engaging with your personal Facebook friends. The party is online! We all grab our phones to Google everything! Smart businesses understand their repeat customers and potential clients are online searching for something they need...

 Marketing...not branding. There is a big difference! Marketing is presenting your service or product to an unknown audience and mass amount of people. Branding is the look, feel, and voice of your business. Our Marketing option includes:

-Marketing Plan of Action




-SEO Optimization


-Ads Management (i.e. Google, IG, FB, You-Tube)

Risk Management

Risk Management involves reducing your exposure to risk.  We are licensed  to provide quotes and review your current policy to determine if you have adequate coverage. Quotes are always free.

We can quote auto, home, personal articles, and umbrella policies in GA. We can quote life in GA, NYC, SC, and TX.

The three type of risks we help our clients prepare for are:

Liability Risk


This type of risk includes losses as a result of negligence that leads to injury or property damage.

Personal Risk

This type of risk describes the loss of life or loss of income because of sickness disability, old age, or employment. 

Property Risk

This risk involves losses to property as a result of accidents like fire, weather related damages beyond your control, theft/vandalism and other accidental hazards.

Notary & Signing Agent

A notary is a publicly commissioned official who serves as an impartial witness to the signing of a legal document.


Document signings where the services of a notary are likely include real estate deeds, affidavits, wills, trusts and powers of attorney. The main reason a notary is used is to deter fraud. -Investopedia

Operating as an NSA, we are certified to sign your legal documents When you hire us as your Notary Signing Agent you have hired an independent contractor to ensure that real estate loan documents are executed by the borrower, notarized and returned for processing on time.



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*We are not a law firm  and we are not licensed to practice law in the state of Georgia. We may not give legal advice or accept fees for legal advice.

content creator


We help people who want to write a book; write a book.


When you hire a ghostwriter to assist with writing your book you are purchasing a work-for-hire.


Our team of highly-effective creative writers

assist by depicting your authentic truth while vividly creating the book you want to read.

What? When? Who?

We record, research, and write for you.

Query Letter

Book Proposal






Chick Lit

Women's Fiction



Business Books





We manage this project from beginning to end.


Writing Sessions, outlining the book, and research is all discussed in the initial consultation. Once the contract (Non-Disclosure Agreement & Work-for-Hire) is agreed upon, we start the process.


Once the book is complete, we provide copywriting assistance, editor referrals, self-publishing options, and will provide and agents list that closely match the genre written of the book.