CTFO provides tools to empower people in business, health and serving others; demonstrating the Good News with quality, integrity and generosity.


CTFO Founders care and want to positively impact every aspect of your life:


  • In Business: By offering an affordable, accessible opportunity with a generous pay plan and a simple roadmap for success.

  • In Health: By promoting a healthy lifestyle; incorporating proper nutrition and quality products.

  • In Serving Others: By creating a culture of organizational, personal and community development.

  • In Quality: By providing products, customer service and associate support that actually work!

  • In Integrity: By operating in an honest and trustworthy manner to our employees, associates and customers.

  • In Generosity: By giving back a portion of our profits to those in need.

  • In Demonstrating the Good News: By following God's Word, we operate in a life-giving and abundant environment, both corporately and individually.



  • To provide expanding entrepreneurial opportunity To provide quality consumable products.

  • We are a generous company - generous with charities, employees and associates.

  • We desire prosperity for all those involved with CTFO at all levels CTFO is a company with high integrity (as a corporate entity and as individuals).


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