We help develop projects.

We CREATE content.

We help people write books.


Everyone has a story and writing should be done with a PURPOSE. 


Do you need help telling your story?

Do you need help writing your story?


We solve that need with our writing services for Fiction & Non-Fiction Books. By bringing the idea and your words to Life we manage this project from beginning to end.


Writing Sessions, outlining the book, and research is all discussed in the initial consultation. Once the contract (Non-Disclosure Agreement & Work-for-Hire) is agreed upon, we start the process.


Once the book is complete, we provide marketing, exposure, self-publishing options, and will provide an agents list that closely match the genre written of the book if you want to pitch to literary agents. 

Our Writing Services Include:

  • Work-for-Hire - 30days (Fiction & Non-fiction Books)

  • Book Completion Strategy

  • Research

  • Ghostwriting

  • Copywriting

  • Self-Publishing Resources

  • Literary Agents Access


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