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Marketing...not branding. There is a big difference! Marketing is presenting your service or product to an unknown audience and mass amount of people. 


Business Social Media is a tad bit different then engaging with your personal Facebook friends. The party is online. We all grab our phones to Google everything! Smart businesses understand their repeat customers and potential clients are online searching for something they need...


Branding is the look, feel, and voice of your business. Do you know the best colors for your service or product? Are you going with a picture logo or signature logo? Did you decide if you wanted a landing page or a website?​

As a STRATEGIC THINKER, PROBLEM-SOLVER & COPYWRITER, we bring exposure and opportunities to promote, market, sell, and expand your business.


Communicating your message to the consumers you hope to reach, impact, and influence is our forte.

When you think of Marketing, we consult by conducting and offering:​


-Sales Copy or Copywriting Services

-Marketing Plan of Action (Who is your target market; do you want to incorporate SEO optimization or sell Ads through Google, IG, FB, You-Tube, etc.)​

-Social Media Plan of Action (i.e. Concept/Content Development; Digital Marketing, Geo-Target Marketing, etc.)​

We also offer Business, Product, and Author Exposure Opportunities